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Welcome to the Quest for Success E-Mail Campaign

In just a few seconds I'm going to give you every online marketing tool you will need to become a Successful partner in this unique compelling and profitable endeavor.

Given the talent we have in this shows, this is an unparalleled opportunity!

So here's how you can get started quickly:
Simply download the e-mail copy that we have provided that you will send out to your contacts, or attach a text or banner link to us on your website. Your affiliate code is automatically embedded in the e-mail and links when you download them.

Then every time someone clicks on your link in the email you send out, and that lead comes to our site and they make a purchase, you will receive your affiliate fee based on the purchase price. It’s automatic and hands free on your part. The more contacts from your database you send the e-mail out to, the greater the response with your affiliate code attached.

So, sign-Up with our Affiliate System below, and you will be kept up to date on any new affiliate tools that will help you with your promotions.

Once you sign up, your affiliate details will be sent to your email address.
This email will contain your affiliate link and your login details to monitor your affiliate stats.

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