Quest For Success is one of the most motivating and uplifting movies I have seen in a long time. It has helped me see through the clutter of my busy life and determine a very specific step-by-step system to creating the life of my dreams. I have also enjoyed many of the other spiritual-guidance films available, but they seem to say that if I just think about what I want, it will show up in my life. I tried that and let me tell you, I found that’s a really easy way to wait a long time.

From watching Quest For Success I know exactly what to do to start living and creating my dream life right now.  It’s great to see some of The Secret stars finally sharing their key next step instructions in “Quest For Success”. Even more valuable (and unusual) is Quest’s inclusion of highly successful entrepreneurs, including Russell Simmons and Sir Richard Branson, who share how they still live a full and exciting life balanced with the pressures of creating great wealth and corporate success.

After watching Quest For Success, I feel like I’ve engaged eleven new personal coaches, some for business success and others for spiritual balance, but all of them for ME! I can’t wait to hear what my coaches have to say in “Happy Wealthy & Wise”!

Quest For Success is really unique, not just another version of The Secret; it’s like The Secret is Chapter 1 in the book. Quest for Success is Chapters 2 - 11! -Debbie G

Hi, I’m Jack Canfield. You may know me as the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of the book Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be. I just want to say that I think the Quest Wisdom series is one of the greatest collections of great master teachers and spiritual leaders of all time, captured like in a treasure chest that you open up, and all the information that you need to live a really profound, spiritually uplifting life full of wealth and abundance, full of joy and passion and intelligence is all there for you in one place. It’s really like someone’s gone after and traveled around the world for years to find all these people and bring them into one place, and bring them into your home or your office. So I sincerely invite you, encourage you, and if I could I would implore you, beg you – literally – watch this series, it can change your life, bring you more wealth, more joy, more happiness, more abundance, more health, greater relationships. Do It for yourself, do it for your family, do it for the world.
-Jack Canfield